WSC Reflection for February 16, 2020

WSC Reflection for February 16, 2020

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time – (Cycle A, Year II)

Community Word: The love of Jesus sanctifies us for God’s glory.
Theme:We are sanctified when we obey and teach God’s commandment.

Promise: “… trust in God. You too shall live.” (Sir 15:15b)


In the 1st letter of St. Paul to the Thessalonians, he says,”… It is God’s will that you should be sanctified,” (1Th 4:3). Jesus saved us and set us apart with an ultimate aim that we grow in holiness and live a holy life. God gave His commandment to guide and lead us, His redeemed people, on our journey. This is our community theme for the 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time, We are sanctified when we obey and teach God’s commandment.We are called to say “no” to sin and “yes” to holiness, to live a life in complete obedient and surrender to God’s will. Obedience to God’s commandment ensures our sanctification.
Our journey towards holiness comes with a cost – death to self. We have to give up every habits and works which are wrong in the sight of God and not in accordance to His precepts. Sins are dear to us; we love and take delight in them. Oftentimes, it is very difficult to part with them, as hard as the proverbial “cutting off a right hand or plucking out a right eye.” It is easy to obey when what we are told to do is aligned with our own plan. It seemssimple when the task does not disrupt our comfort and convenience. We become excited when the outcome promises favorable results that will bring us better condition or a higher position in life. It is our human nature to want to travel in a wider road devoid of burden, but full of pleasure.
But what if the command seems burdensome and brings us out of our comfort zone? What if we are asked to give up things we love most – our power and authority, our pride and arrogance, our attachments and priorities? What about being asked to follow instructions that leads us to unfamiliar places, assumed new responsibilities, or minister to strangers, are we going to obey? As Christians, we are taught that daily crosses and hardships are meant for our sanctification, yet we often flee from submitting to them. We avoid people who annoy us rather than patiently bearing their presence. We seek consolation and escape from stresses through prohibited pleasures, like alcoholic drinks, shopaholic, immoral pleasures or illegal drugs. In the process, we make every excuse to avoid submitting to Christ’s commandments that teaches our soul to attain spiritual maturity.
Holiness is a decision to choose those actions that pleases God. St Peter tells us,”Be holy in all you do,” (1 Pt 1:15), yet many of us love the world and have a hard time separating with it. We entertain temptations and compromise our morality rather than confront our sinfulness and change our ways. The standards of this world keep on changing according to its desires and wants, but God’s word will never change. Jesus says, “… until the heaven and earth pass away, not a smallest letter or part of a letter will pass from the law,” (Mt 5:18).
God’s commandments will never change even if our social values change. Our lives should testify to our faith and to the Gospel. Our behavior as Christians should teach the lost and guide them to repentance and to renew their faith in Christ. Let them know that to truly love God is to obey His will and commandments, that they may receive fullness of life and realize God’s promise, “You too shall live,” (Sir 15:15b).
Father God, help me to persevere in obeying your commandments, especially when it seems difficultand will result to hardships. Strengthen me with the power of the Holy Spirit. Remind me that these struggles and challenges that goes with my obedience are Your ways tolet me live a life of holiness, a life that shines and points others to Jesus as our role Model of perfect obedience. May my life be acceptable and pleasing to Your sight. Amen.

Reflection Guide Questions:
1.Are you obedient to God’s commandments? How do you overcome those obstacles which prevent you from being faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ?

2.What is your resolve to rely on God’s instructions and plans, rather than rely on your own efforts?

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